End of Holidays

Last one before I go. End of Holidays to close up the seasons of consumer mentality. Show is Free and Bullshit proof

We'll start at 9:00pm Sharp!!

performing live:


dharma days

animal tropical

Free ~ Free ~ Free
@ Black Bar
28 NW 14th Street

After party at REd Light
13005 NE 11th Avenue
North Miami, FL

Erick Lyle

Erick Lyle (SCAM zine) reading @ Sweat Records

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 
Sweat Records (5505 NE 2 AVE) 
8PM / suggested donation 
a reading by Erick Lyle, from his new anthology, SCAM: The First Four Issues

The Second Coming

The Legion of Psychedelic Doom presents "Second Coming of the Man Snakes and Hula Hoops" with another session of great music:

The show is Free but ID required
Thursday 9th at Bar (old PS14)
28 NE 14th Street
Doors Open 8PM

Free Riders



Mixtape Productions (Mike Montero & Charles Vazquez) along with Michael Jimenez, is hosting a benefit concert for ADHD awareness and Research at Churchill's on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7th. 

We'll have live art, a DJ between bands, a guest speaker, and some of Miami's best bands rocking the main stage starting at 5pm. Open to ALL AGES - $5 collected at the door going towards the cause! 

All door proceeds go towards the Young Scientist Research Fund of CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) which is the nation's leading non-profit ADHD organization. 

Video Recap of This is our Halloween Concert

Raja Khan - Paprika Sunset

Arboles Libres - Spirit Of

Out of the Anonymous - Intro to "Self Evident" 

Here are some videos from half of what was "This is our Halloween Concert". Live painting on the background by Reinier Gamboa. Performances Evilesk, Fight Like Animals, MRSA, Raja Khan, Arboles Libres & Out of the Anonymous. Please visit the links and support Miami's Underground Scene.

Miami's Independent Thinkers

Miami's Independent Thinkers | Art Basel Fundraiser/Mixer @ The News Lounge

November 4th 2010 at 7:00 pm to November 5th 2010 at 2:00 am at News Lounge

5580 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33137, USA

(October 25, 2010) Miami, FL – 305 Creative Group, Red Fish Media, K17 and Casa Wynwood present Miami’s Independent Thinkers | Art Basel 2010 Fundraiser. The fundraiser is being held on November 4th, 2010 7pm-2am at The News Lounge at 55th Street Station, Miami FL.All proceeds collected at the event will go directly to staging the art fair. 

Donations of any level will be accepted.Community support is crucial!

***Live body painting on Bianca D'An by Juan Patino***

MUSIC: DJ V & DJ Manuvers. Live music sets by SOMA

Source: Sweat Records 

Hangedup 1999 - 2005

Hangedup are a group from Montreal, Canada. They are a two-piece band, featuring Genevieve Heistek on Viola and Eric Craven on Drums and percussion. This experimental union is a fusion of enlightening ambience, transitional chaos & illuminating helter skelter. They formed in 1999, and were signed to MontrĂ©al's independent Constellation Records label, where their other band Sackville was also signed. They released their eponymous debut in May 2001. Kicker in Tow followed in October 2002 and Clatter for Control in April 2005.

1. Winternational
2. Propane Tank
3. Powered By Steam
4. New Blue Monday
5. Tapping
6. Czech Disco Pt.II
7. Wilt
8. Bring Yr Scuba Gear

1. Kinetic Work
2. Sink
3. Losing Your Charm
4. View From the Ground
5. Moment For The Motion Machine
6. No More Bad Future 
7. Motorcycle Muffler
8. Automatic Spark Control 
9. Broken Reel

1. Klang Klang
2. Alarm
3. A Different Kind of Function
4. Kick-Back-Hub
5. Eksplozije
6. Go Let's Go
7. Derailleur
8. Fuck This Place
9. How We Keep Time
10. Junk the Clatter

Video Recap of Miami Micro-Show

Treesa   - Mysterious Voices 

Nag's Head - Beltsand a Mic 

Theda G. Redd  - Untitled

Xela Zaid - Untitled 

This Heart Electric  - Workout #1

Dim Past - Untitled

Self & Other - Stellar Recreation Area

Chrome Dick - Untitled (AKA Nothing Worked)

Passion - Wetback

Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn - Phoning It In 

Teepee - Untitled

Cherry Impact - Does 

FUN - Miami Micro-Show 

Rat Bastard - 60 Seconds

Generation of Great Movies

The Trip 1967

Psych-Out 1968

Wild in the Streets 1968

Wonderwall 1968

Candy 1968

Gas-s-s-s 1970

Dead Meadow - Three Kings

From Old Growth to Three Kings

Dead Meadow

Three Kings is a Warehouse recording Album with five studio songs mixed into the slice. The live songs sound so crisp, that you can even tell the difference between songs. First time I heard those tracks, it reminded me of the surf mellow style from Tame Impala, but the constancy and mind bending notes of their tracks can bring any mind into a journey where "The Narrows ", and "Seven Seers" will go "Beyond the Fields We Know" until "Queen of All Returns". Marking the difference of American bands and probably one of the best releases from 2010.

1. The Kingdom Come
2. Between Me and The Ground
3. Good Moanin'
4. At Her Open Door
5. The Whirlings
6. That Old Temple
7. To The One
8. The Narrows
9. Push Em To The Crux
10. Seven Seers
11. Greensky Greenlake
12. Beyond The Fields We know
13. Everything's Going On
14. Lady
15. Darlin'
16. Queen of All Returns

Dead Meadow - Three Kings

Psychedelic Halloween

Legion of Psychedelic Doom presents

"This is our Psychedelic Halloween Concert"

Here's a howl to all you psychomaniacs looking for more treats than tricks this Halloween. One night filled with Music, Psychedelia, and more fun than the Night Before Halloween could give you. Come dress if you want, you might end up becoming part of the show.

<*Special Performances*>
Psychedelic Project by Benjamin Shahoulian and Alex Diaz
Live Art By Reinier Gamboa

9:00 pm Doors
$7 at the Door 
$5 with RSVP
Free Keg Beer + Drink Specials


Sam McPheeters (Born Against, Men's Recovery Project, Wrangler Brutes) threw the first Micro-Show in Richmond, Virginia on June 17th, 1995.  Breath Mint

Probably, one the the cheapest shows I have found for this month. , The whole challenge of finding 15 bands to perform for 15 minutes sounds like an interesting concept, and the best is that if any of the bands plays just one second over the minute, we (the crowd) can jump up the stage and finish the show. This bands most have put up lost of work into this show and in only 15min you get to enjoy a great variety of music.

Little River Yacht Club
70 NW 73rd Street
$0.25 includes Water