Hangedup 1999 - 2005

Hangedup are a group from Montreal, Canada. They are a two-piece band, featuring Genevieve Heistek on Viola and Eric Craven on Drums and percussion. This experimental union is a fusion of enlightening ambience, transitional chaos & illuminating helter skelter. They formed in 1999, and were signed to Montréal's independent Constellation Records label, where their other band Sackville was also signed. They released their eponymous debut in May 2001. Kicker in Tow followed in October 2002 and Clatter for Control in April 2005.

1. Winternational
2. Propane Tank
3. Powered By Steam
4. New Blue Monday
5. Tapping
6. Czech Disco Pt.II
7. Wilt
8. Bring Yr Scuba Gear

1. Kinetic Work
2. Sink
3. Losing Your Charm
4. View From the Ground
5. Moment For The Motion Machine
6. No More Bad Future 
7. Motorcycle Muffler
8. Automatic Spark Control 
9. Broken Reel

1. Klang Klang
2. Alarm
3. A Different Kind of Function
4. Kick-Back-Hub
5. Eksplozije
6. Go Let's Go
7. Derailleur
8. Fuck This Place
9. How We Keep Time
10. Junk the Clatter