The Deaf Poets at Death to the Sun

Sean Wouters & Nicolas Espinosa
The Deaf Poet's performance at Death to the Sun was anything but inaudible. The  vibrations of the songs crawled through the crowds as familiar lyrics were being screamed by several fans. Catchy tunes and crashing beats spit out from The Deaf Poets who's songs have an energetic & capturing feel.  As Sean Wouters screams crack into a punk style chord as his guitar riffs compliment Nicolas’ peddle kicks. If you wanna hear songs that come crashing into your head & won't get the hell out till you have it more & more.. Than the Deaf Poets is what you crave. (by Leidy Fuentes)

Deaf Poets - Illustrious Punks of Progress EP

     1. All your lies
2. Sally
3. It’s Alright
4. Little red wagon